Daniel Presents at Kripalu Sept. 23-25

Daniel Presents at Kripalu Sept. 23-25

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Shamanic Astrology: The Turning of the Ages and Galactic Alignment Featuring the Goddesses and Gods


Shamanic Astrology recreates the original unity of astronomy and astrology. Developed over the last 40 years by Daniel Giamario, Shamanic Astrology is a historical and global synthesis of the most relevant tools and techniques of both traditions. Recognizing 24 different archetypes of the masculine and feminine (gods and goddesses), Shamanic Astrology helps to unfold each person’s authentic purpose.

This workshop includes teaching, invocations, storytelling, circle work, and open discussion. The group work creates a compassionate field in which everyone’s place on the wheel of life is valued and respected. You will learn practical tools to actualize your life purpose, expand your view of humanity’s place in the universe, and gain greater access to wonder and imagination. Clear skies permitting, evenings will include night sky teachings and experiential attunements with the galactic center and other players in the celestial dance of late spring.

No previous knowledge of astrology or astronomy is required. Bring your chart if you have one, or Daniel can create a chart for you as part of the workshop.

Recommended reading Daniel Giamario, The Shamanic Astrology Handbook (JL Associates).

“Daniel Giamario’s approach to astrology is a gift to humanity and to the planet. His ingenious use of astrological archetypes provides participants in his workshops with a very practical and uplifting tool for discovering and strengthening their life purpose. And his approach to my individual chart provided me with transformational insights that have changed my life.

He is a genius.”

— Christiane Northrup, Doctor and best-selling author

More information is available at Kripalu.

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